Colourful Days Of Autumn

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On this bright crisp colourful day of Autumn’s Presence & changing light , we can wonder at the way the October winds help the trees to shed their summer wardrobe , and blow the dust & cobwebs of Summer away, with the accompaniment of rainfall to cleanse our lands , rinse the soot & grime from the streets & fill up our reservoirs with all the life – giving water we need to thrive .We re-source the cosy warm socks, woolly tights & scarves; enjoying a change of colour palette in our wardrobe, on our bodies & in our world ; snuggle into jackets, boots, curl up with blankets & oversized Cardigans ; light candles & fires that really glow with Autumn magic (the cuddle & snuggle months) ; stand in awe under clear starry skies of diamonds & slivers of icy moon.

We can choose to be enraptured by the dancing dervishes of golden hands of leaves whirling in circles around our feet – sometimes rising in a mesmerising vortex into the air.We can boldly stride out , taking on puddles, ponds & rivers of rain , and the blustery force of the invisible forces of nature ; tingling fresh wet breezes tapping autumn moisturiser into our summer dry skin .And we can set an intention in our heart to help us re-align & live in closer harmony in this bold , magical & beautiful world!Here’s one I wrote , loosely based on the the Reiki principles handed down by Mikao Usui ,the founder of Reiki*:”

For the next 24 hours only , I am gonna do my level best to train my attention on what’s going right & what I’m doing well ; noting my tiny successes and accomplishments , and encouraging & praising myself , & others along the way.

I’m going to support myself today by reminding myself of what I have to be grateful for ; appreciate all the little things & the kindnesses of others .I’ll focus on the good in people – even when it’s hard , and remind myself they are doing the best they can.

I will drop the high expectations I can over-demand from me & others , & retire from my time as “Judge Judy”, in my little corner of the planet.

I will go about my business with integrity , doing “enough” in whatever I do, & adding value wherever I can , without over-extending , or draining my own energy supply through neglect of self.(Cos this serves nobody

I serve others, and care for my Tribe & this still stunning Planet , which is my home .There is only really one of us here , so in serving you I serve me anyway I remember that in giving , I receive : and try not to forget to give to ME too just for good measure.

I remember to hold things lightly ; amazingly special & totally unique as I am : so are we all. I endeavour to be a Team Player , share my toys & remember to applaud ,take my seat in the audience & work backstage for a while. I need to remind myself that I can only do any of this for a while. Being ” ….only Human after all ” , I forgive myself quickly with a dose of good humour , when I stumble or wander off the path .(Even though at times I may actually nosedive off a spectacular cliff along the way.)”

-Angela Trainer

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